My First Blog Post

I am a reluctant writer. I don’t even type. I’m beginning this blog in an attempt to get more serious with my writing. I mean, honestly, who ever heard of a writer who doesn’t write.

God told me I would be a writer when I was 19 years old. I spent my mid and late twenties getting a Bachelor’s degree in English to this end. Then I spent my thirties getting a husband and children. I figured I’d start writing in my forties. Well, here I am, thirty-nine, and I’ve stalled, squandered, and flat-out refused. But I’ve started to think that if I don’t get started, God will ask someone more cooperative to spread the messages which would have been mine. And I’ll lose my chance. Maybe he has already started.

I need to share my light. Otherwise I would be a truly ungrateful and rebellious spirit. I don’t want that.

So from time to time I’ll post thoughts on my various goings-on. I homeschool, cook, clean, and organize. I have interests in politics, religion, education, and the enviroment. So you may see posts on any of these topics.


What do you say?

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