Testy Tuesday on a Wednesday–My poo free hair and oil face wash

As you may have heard, I’ve given up ‘poo. I have not used shampoo for three weeks. And I must say, my hair has never felt cleaner!

Yeah, this is a picture I took of my own head. You can, I hope, get the idea that my hair is not matted down and greasy. It feels nice when I run my fingers through. And I believe my scalp has stopped making as much oil. I used to feel like everyday’s shower was fighting a losing battle against yesterday’s oil build-up. Twenty-four hours was a bit too long to wait between washings.

Well, that has changed. My hair feels fine the next morning. I have skipped washing for a day, and it felt clean the whole time. I’m excited to be free from another product. I no longer have to pack shampoo, store shampoo, or shop for shampoo. Woohoo!

Baking soda and vinegar are products I already use regularly, especiall baking soda. I use it to scrub pots, clean the fridge and bathtub, my teeth, pretty much anything that needs scouring and/or oil sopping.

And now for my next experiment, drum-roll please . . .
I clean my face with oil! Castor oil and grapeseed oil to be exact. Once again the credit goes to simplemom.net . I’ve just started so I’ll keep you posted. I’m really hoping this will do wonders for my skin. It’s drastically different enough from anything I’ve ever tried before, all of which failed, that I’m optomistic.

Stay tuned for photos. 😉


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