Sometimes you just gotta do something

My freshman daughter has joined the tennis team. At the “parents behave yourselves or else” meeting, they explained that every student could claim one “metal health day”. This was to be used incase you had a fight with your boyfriend or something and just weren’t up to playing tennis.
I guess I’ve had my share of mental meltdowns. And I’d like to put my two cents on the “go to tennis practice anyway” approach to mental health. (Disclaimer–I don’t mind the school giving the kids a freebie to miss one practice.) But I want my daughter to understand that work is a great solution to all kinds of emotional stress.
The Stress Reducing  Benefits of Work:

  • Working keeps you from feeling guilty later for things you didn’t get done while you were melting down.
  • Work gives you a sense of accomplishment and therefore joy. Melting down = no joy.
  • Work performs the extremely important function mof letting you focus on something other than you problem. “Distraction anyone?” “Yes, thank you; I’ll take two.”
  • Working long and hard helps you feel tired when you go to bed at night. And a good night’s sleep waay beats tossing and turning over said emotional distress!
  • Working builds up skills and talents.
  • Work builds realself-esteem. You know,  the permanent kind that’s based in accomplishment.

    Playing games with a one year old can be hard work.

In short (is it too late for that?), working on the things you need to do can go
a long way in helping you deal with the emotional bumps and bangs of life.


What do you say?

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