Is Friday the only day we waste food?


We’re changing the way we deal with trash here in the Kellett house. And I am horrified by the amount of food waste I find myself dealing with. When I was a kid, we have burnable, non-burnable, and feed it to the animals. Burnable was burned in the “burning barrel” and it and the non-burnable were taken to the dump periodically.

Up to this point in my adult life I used the “put it all in the dumpster” method. Now we are burning, recycling, and dumping, but the food waste-that’s the stumper. It should be composted or fed to the chickens, duh. But we have neither chickens nor compost space. And furthermore no use for compost after it would be composted. Hmm.

We picked two boxes of apples from a relatives tree. After prepping them through the slicer for pie filling I found myself in possession of 3-4 gallons of apple cores, peels, and bruises. Add to that the after meal plate scraping and floor pick-up,  and what I tossed from the fridge on Friday is a proverbial drop in the bucket.

Going out today is 2 cups of garden salad maybe 2 cups of cooked onion and green peppers from fajitas.


What do you say?

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