Political Activism IS for Kids

My daughter attended her first political protest at age 2. I’m happy about that. I went through my twenties and most of my thirties not paying much attention to politics. I probably paid more attention than anyone else I knew, because I did study the sample ballot and vote.

But it is not enough to tell our children to vote. We need to raise our kids to be activists. It is imperative that our children realize the importance of their participation in our political system. And while voting is vital, it is not enough. We need to learn. Attend the local debates. A lot of candidates have “meet and greets” where you can get some face-to-face interaction.

Is there a race you know nothing about? You may need to arrange for a debate. Talk to your local libraries, college campuses, or American Legion or VFW posts. They may be happy to host activities free of charge.

Is there a cause you support in theory? Try supporting it person. They’ll most likely be excited to see you.

Political participation, like everything else, is almost always easier without kids. But if not now, when? And if not with you, with whom? Of course I’m not advocating putting children in harms way. But most political events are peaceful, civilized, even boring-ish types of affairs.

If you find yourself reluctant, do it anyway. Start small. You don’t have to run for office right away. And if you start now, your children won’t be as reluctant/intimidated/disengaged as you are when they’re your age.


What do you say?

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