Get out and vote in your primaries

Today is primary date in Wyoming. Last year hubs and I managed to get several members of our own not-so-political family members out to vote, and for a primary to!

It took me a long time to figure out what exactly a primary is and why I should vote in it. A primary is a pre-vote within the Democratic or Republican parties. All the folks running for office within that party are listed on the ballot. After the primary votes are counted, the top candidate will move on to the ballot for the general election; one candidate from each party. The general election is where we vote for the party of our choice, and hopefully for the values our party espouses, but the primary is where we vote to decide which candidate will appear on the ballot.

If lousy candidates make it through the primary, that’s when our votes at the general election can get meaningless. There may be no good options by the time the general rolls around. If we want good, honest people with convictions, we have to help them get on the ballot through the primaries.

My husband has been involved in politics since 2008. He reads and keeps up on current events. This is no small feat–believe me. He teaches a free local class. He helps put on political events. He runs for office. He contacts our representatives and officials. He goes on the radio.

My husband does just everything he can to further this cause that he believes in. And I for one am proud of him. This is a great country we have here, and we need to take part in its political processes whenever we can.

If we don’t bother to get involved, we may be surprised to find our input is no longer needed. There are power-hungry people out there, and they’re not the ones we want in office. But they are the ones most likely to seek it. There are little tyranies all over this nation and if you don’t belive me go to your next city council meeting.

Voting is vital. I’ve said it before. If you haven’t been involved this election year START NOW! And put it on your calendar to start earlier in 2014. Talk about the issues with that annoying politically aware rfriend or relative. Take your kids. Wear that little sticker proudly. Carpe facultas! Sieze the opportunity!




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