Back to school means back to bed

This is the part of “back to school” that I dread the most. The I-should-go-to-bed-at-a-decent-hour-so-I-can-get-out-of-bed-early-and-not-be-a-cranky-bear problem. I love to sleep. But I’ve never been down with the process of going to bed.

I seem to get my second wind about ten at night. (No, not at three in the afternoon when it would be fantastically useful.) And there always seems to be so much to do. So many things I put-off or don’t get to, or that I just remember.

I think I would prefer to go to bed at say 1am and sleep till ten. I might be able to manage this some of the time, but though we do homeschool, we are still “plugged in” to society in a multitude of ways. And the world doesn’t schedule itself according to my personal preferences.

I also have this nagging guilt that I would be messing up my kids.And Ben Franklin ringing in my ears’ “I you sleep in you’re a lazy slimeball who will never get rich.” Actually that’s more of a paraphrase. But still.

Going to bed is hard.And once I get there, staying asleep for an entire night is nigh impossible. So, Dum-da-da-dum, here is my plan:

I have two teen daughters who take care of most after-supper cleanup. I’ll take that time to perform showers and teeth brushing services for the four littles (8, 7, 4 and 1). 8 and 7 are close to independence on these tasks, I’ll mostly be in charge of keeping them on task. Here’s the list:

kids Showers and jammies
kids plan bedtime snack
me and kids floss and brush
my jammies
family scriptures, prayer, and crunches
everyone play or watch TV till bed
drinks of water for everyone
kids eat snack while I read story, then they sleep
me bathroom, meds, sleep

I am hopeful that by giving myself nothing to do after getting the kids to bed, I will get myself to bed more easily. And I am sure that getting a lot of their routine taken care of before it’s actually time for bed will get them to bed smoother and more quickly.

Okay, I know they are brushing their teeth and then eating again right before bed. That’s just the best I can do. Daddy got them on the bedtime snack deal, and if it isn’t eaten right before bed, they’ll want another before they go to sleep. Humph.

Is bed time problematic at your house? Does anyone have a plan or a fabulous tip?


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