Procrastination or Passive-Aggressive?

I’ve been putting off making chore charts, written routines, and lesson plans. Well? What’s my problem? why aren’t these things done already?

It could be my standard abhorrence of paperwork; the grocery list and written budget aren’t strictly speaking ready either. But they are always last minute, because I hate paperwork. That is standard around here.

But as much as I don’t like filling out papers, I love making forms. Yeah, it sounds weird now that I say it. Anyway, I should be chomping at the bit to create these puppies. So what’s my deal?

I have arrived at two possibilities: indecision, or passive aggression.

I can’t quite decide how I want things to go. It’s hard to make a form for that. But the mini-piphany I am thinking of is that I don’t want to go back to school any more than Benjamin does.

Monday I told Benjamin it was the first day of school. He rejected that. I explained, “Summer is ending and school is starting back up.” To which he opened the curtains, throwing me face-to-face with gorgeous sunshine and replied, “Look, Mom. The sun is still shining.”

Yes, Benjamin, the sun is still shining. And it will be summer-like for a little bit longer (summer is pretty short out here in Wyoming). But it is time for us to get back to a stiffer schedule than the steady diet of Netflix and Wii that we have been strictly adhering to during our carefree summer days.

I feel compelled to impose my strategic learning objectives over your carefree, yet short-sighted desires. But know this, little stifled one; I am imposing upon myself as well. For I am at a point this fall where I am not the nerdy, I-can’t-wait-for-school mom that you usually have. I too yearn for long, uninterrupted hours of computer with no educational dividends looming.

I will keep the discomfort to a minimum. For you that is. I have four kids to teach, and therefore there are no easy minimums for me. Plus I cook around here. But as the Chinese mothers I read about know, someday you’ll be able to read. And then both our sacrifices will have been worth it.

No more procrastination, Mom, no matter what the reasons. What you prefer is not the point. Just Stop Whining and Do It. That is what you would want Benjamin to do.

Benjamin prefers Beys over school work and room cleaning, as you can see.


What do you say?

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