I post a whole food recipe

I was reading blogs and came across A recipe for healthy fudge recipe. Forgive me for not linking, but I don’t remember where it was, sorry.

All this whole foody goodness made me want to post a whole foods recipe. But I couldn’t think of one. I don’t really cook that way. I use sugar; I have no problem with sugar as an ingredient per se. I, sadly, use white flour too. I am a proponent of whole wheat but alas do not own a wheat grinder.

I am a believer in doing the best you can with what you’ve got. And I finally came up with a wholoe food recipe.

Whole Food Beans

I boil up a big pot of beans all at once. Usually 2 pounds dry is manageable. Soak them if you like, or not. They’re okay either way. Cook them in enough water or broth to keep them covered. Don’t ever let them get low on water. Throw in a quartered onion and a few cloves of crushed garlic. Nothing too fancy; you want them to be versatile when you go to use them.

Cook them until they are soft. I like a them sort of al dente, but hubs prefers them to be almost ready to turn to mush. Then drain them and let them cool. Next bag them up in whatever you use as freezer containers. I usually like them divided into 2 cup portions. I just put them into plastic zippy bags, but there’s been a blog buzz against plastic lately. So do what you think is best.

One benefit to plastic bags is that you can easily accomplish my recipe for

Whole Food Refried Beans

Thaw the beans in the bag. Then smash them up. Then heat them in the microwave. If they seem too think to you, thin them with broth or dare I say it, drain your taco meat into them.

And there you go. Whole food.



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