Forced Blog Gets Mom Focused

A captured moment of family harmony.

My Husband made me write this blog for therapy.

I’m not pleased. I’m mad at him and anger and frustration are making me want to lash out by saying all the mean things I can think of. Yes, I think writing can be therapeutic. But so can thinking for a minute before sounding off.

And to make it worse he is not only sleeping on the other side of the room, fitfully as it is I’m nevertheless jealous. But he has apparently acquired the skill of sleep-berating. He is intermittently mentioning things I need to “work on” without totally waking up.

This is going to get old in a hurry, let me tell you. “What is bugging me,” you ask? Well, since I’m an obsessed mom, it’s the kids. Namely, it was the logistics of kids being responsible for chores when they’re gone all the stinking time.

Emily is a full-time college student and part-time employee. So she’s gone between 6 and 15 hours a day. You’d think I could slap-on my happy-joy-joy face for her the rest of the time, right?

Well, it seems that I cannot. I railed on her this evening for not getting the things she was in charge of doing done.

What I guess I need is a better plan for the things I want her to do. Blog to the rescue, I’m starting a series of articles creating and keeping family harmony.

Here are the topics:

1. Clear expectations,

2. Calm reminding

3. Consistent work, discipline and praise

4. Clutter free life

5. Schedule the fun

6. Forgive and forget

I’ll be blogging on these topics not because I’m an expert but because I know for a fact that he who teaches learns the most. Ancient wisdom I’ve gained by formally teaching a lot of lessons. So thank you for serving as my audience and thus giving me the motivation I need to organize proper lessons from my irked ramblings. Of course he was right that by the time I finished I wouldn’t have any mad left in me. For tonight.


2 thoughts on “Forced Blog Gets Mom Focused

  1. At my house, people with full- time jobs, well, they don’t have so many chores. They have to keep their rooms clean, get their clothes IN the laundry, help at meal times as much as possible (dishes in the dishwasher, please) and participate in family prayer,scriptures, etc.

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