Written Routines for Kids

I didn’t grow up knowing much about housekeeping. I thought I invented the “laundry day” concept—it was new to me. I didn’t know that the school bus came at a set time everyday till I saw my sister’s letter from her kids’ school. Wow.

I learned a lot from Fly Lady. She has a lot of great information on how to get and keep your home in a presentable state. Now that I have a clue, and a plan, I am a big proponent of written routines for kids, too.

This is a copy of the routine I made for Sister, dd7. I have three kids in this age range, 4, 7and 8. All of their routines are similar. It takes me more time to make the lists when I add all this clip art, but not all of them are readers, and this gives them a visual. And they just like the added fun and color.

DO NOT think that this list makes these things miraculously occur, I wish. But it helps them remember what I want done, and it help me remember what I wanted done (sometimes I’m thankful to be dressing myself, let alone keeping track of every step of each of their processes.)

That next great idea: Dry-Erase Crayons. They are a great idea no stink, no drying. They are rather soft so they break easier than regular crayons. How do I know? The little darlings. 😉

Print out the routines, slip them into smooth page protectors, and post them on the wall in a good spot. Ours are divided into one upstairs and by the bathroom list, and one down by the kitchen table list. Okay, so I’m a form-follows-function type. You can put them in a less conspicuous yet still convenient spot or make them prettier, if you like. You could even frame them.

And someday my little darlings will make and follow routines all on their own. Won’t I feel proud but wistful then! Please click this link to view the pdf file: Daily Routine Sis


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