Is Simplicity Your Answer?

I read an article by a guy named Dave. He said:

Yet, simplicity cannot handle all questions. For example, how do I find purpose in my life? Simplicity says, “Why are you asking me that?”

How do I rekindle the passion? Simplicity says, “Huh?”

I admire the personification of “simplicity”. I makes his explanation so simple.

I’ve been decluttering for the last several months. And I’ve gotten rid of a lot of stuff. But it doesn’t seem to be enough. Now I’m frankly not done. And I’m hanging on to a few ridiculous things in the hope of getting some sewing crafts done this winter i.e. two boxes of denim scraps.

But I’ve given some thought to the results I want. What do I want from decluttering? Here (in no particular order) is what I would like to gain by decluttering:

Places to store our belongings
Knowing where things are having them easily accessible
Room to play, work and relax at home
A calm, peaceful home
A clean home
Tidy children who don’t feel comfortable in a mess and clean it

Now I have to ask simplicity which of these things she can solve. Hold on . . .

She says, “I can accomplish the first three, no problem. But as for you feeling calm and feel, I can have little bit of effect, but you’re the boss of your actions, thoughts and emotion, Woman. Take charge!

“And speaking of taking charge, Clean your house and make your kids help.”

Decluttering is important, but won’t solve every problem. And a messy table during school isn’t actually a problem.

Okay, so my simplicity is not as simple-minded as Dave’s. But seriously, no amount of decluttering will make my house stay clean.

I have six kids and a husband for goodness sake.

And most of the mess is made with things you use all the time—Hello, they wouldn’t be decluttered anyway.

This in a nutshell is why I was disappointed in my possession purging: I wanted my house to stay clean. Well, that’s just not going to happen, Sister. Eight people live at your house. ‘Nough said?

So what can help? I’m telling myself to “keep on keeping on.” Classy advice, I know. But This is a teaching and training season of my life. And a loving, nurturing, enjoying season. A season that is going to come to a close some one of these years. And you’re going to miss it when it’s gone.

Keep teaching and working with those kids. Remind till you have the hang-up-your-coat-when-you-come-in dream echoing through you sweet dreams. Keep things simple when and where you can. And as Winston Churchill, great man, is said to have said, “never, never, never, never give up.”

Thanks to the Dave guy and Simplicity for clearing that up for my. I think I’ll have a happier future because of it. 🙂

How has simplicity helped you?


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