Creating and Keeping Family Harmony: part 2 Calm Reminding

TK brings the hammer down.

I am here to calmly remind you that you have to calmly people to do the things they need to do.

Our spouses and our children are people just like we are. They like to be treated nicely, just like we like do.

Now this is something that is really hard for me. Sadly. I don’t like reminding 7 people to do 700 things a day. I want them to take care of their business without needing reminding.

But they don’t do it. And if I could just remind them simply without anger and frustration, things would be more peaceful around my home.

Of course things would be more peaceful if they didn’t reuire reminding, too. But remember this little sanity saver: you can only control yourself. I can’t actually make them remember, or care, which is really why their not remembering upsets me.

Pleasantly prompt teens to tidy up after their baking escapades.

I want them to care about the things I want them to do. But they care about the things they want to do.  I’m not dealing with the “they should’s” and the “how do I get them to’s” today folks. I’m keeping it simple. When you see that something needs attention :
use your indoor voice,
use your kind words,
and plan on doing at least once more after this time. They obviously haven’t gotten it yet. And pray for them, and me, and yourself. We can all use all the help we can get!


2 thoughts on “Creating and Keeping Family Harmony: part 2 Calm Reminding

  1. I declared the “word of the year” in our family last year- initiative. My kids learned what it meant and sometimes they even put it into practice. I know exactly how you feel. I appreciate the reminder that I can only control myself!

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