“You are young men. Where is your enthusiasm?”

I thought all I had to do when I had children was provide them with a bit of time and a few diverse experiences and they’d find their passion. And they would devote themselves and achieve the Olympics—or their particular activity’s equivalent.

But was I wrong. Passion is an elusive partner around our house. Lethargy, and vague preference seem to be about as strong a current as can be found hereabouts.

My title is in quotes because it was spoken by Marius Pontmercy of Les Miserables. It here I am seeking to stir some passion, because there are things that pique me and move me. But There is also a vast and varied assortment of menial tasks beckoning.

Leo of Zen Habits, great blog, says do it for the fun.

Today, right now I’m going to do something for the fun. I’m thinking yoga stretch, a snippet of the Iliad and a bit of a nap.

What’s on your fun docket?


What do you say?

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