My Big 2013 Resolution

2012 is dead. Long live 2013.

New years always excite me. A new beginning. New calendar, new semester, new box for the tax receipts.

Yet here I am January 5th shaking in my socks and sandals because I need to post a blog.

I have a habit of way over thinking things. Like McKay, Stargate: Atlantis, I am a catastrophist. Let me tell you folks, it doesn’t add joy to your years.
But in honor of my growing faith and the hope I have for exaltation I name this year “Rejoice.”

It is my goal to be grateful to the All Mighty for this life.
Remembering gratitude will improve my service to others and ease the tension I harbor.
I have some smaller and more specific goals like cheerful morning greetings to my family instead of the bleary-eyed groan they’re accustomed to. But the main goal is: Rejoice.

I am thankful. I should show it.


What do you say?

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