This is What I’ve Got to Say

I had a dream and simple, silly craziness was going on, the harmless and fascinating craziness of people who are trying to change their lives and live a new way. They need to blow off steam, because they feel the weight of the old ways bearing down on them now and again. But the craziness stopped when a criminal, handcuffed, was led in.

The craziness vaporized and the urgent message had to be shared with this criminal-lost-soul took over all thought. One sat near him and explained:

You have to change. Your life is messed up. You won’t fully realize the vast effects these changes will make, until you see your young daughter, all grown up and caring for your infant grandson.

Your young daughter sacred-married to a man who loves her more than anything in this world, a husband who stays and takes care of his family. Your daughter a wife and a mom filled with joy and cherished moments not tinged with regret and shame.

The changes you have made in your life will give you blessings that you can understand. But until you see the life your daughter is giving to your grandson, you will only catch glimpses of the good things that have come to your life.

You don’t have the background to understand how good a life lived-well can be, filled with tranquility, security, and honest happiness. Those qualities have seemed unattainable and even imaginary to you in the life you have lead; you may never trust them even as they come to you. But they will be real and constant to this future grandson who is raised in God’s light and is untouched by evil.

This boy’s life, growing up without fear and anger and abuse, will open your eyes to a realm of goodness you never knew possible. You will always struggle with the past stealing up behind you. But for him there is no evil past. And only then will you understand the magnitude of the change you have wrought to your family line. Goodness and God will prevail and it will have been you who brought this hard-won happiness in and made it the new normal for your future family.

I bear testimony that you have the power to change lives for the better in ways that you don’t know or understand and bring about a future more grand and filled with light and joy than you, right here and now, can even imagine. Have the faith—cling to it with your might, and start living the changes. We who are burdened with fear and sin have now before us the power to stop and bring light and faith to those who follow.


2 thoughts on “This is What I’ve Got to Say

  1. Beautifully put! Loved the depth, yet clarity, of the message! Reminds me of the adage that “you cannot light another’s path without lighting your own” — and similarly, we need to change ourselves in order for that positive change to cascade down through future generations of family and strangers alike! Great post friend!! 🙂

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