How To Take Over the World In One Not-So-Easy Step

Leo Babauta publishes Zen Habits. A plain Jane blog that gives me great advice on how to live my life better. Not how to change my life into a life the matches my ideal-life stereotype, but how to more fully live and enjoy the life I’m living now.

I like that, because there are a lot of things in my life now that I want to keep. Basically, the only things I want to change outside of my attitudes and habits are for my kids to have some better habits, which circles back to me, and . . . well, I guess that’s about it, really.

Today Zen Habits, in my head I sort of use that like it’s his name, wrote about “Mastering Discomfort.” Paraphrasing, he says if I can get used to being uncomfortable some of the time I can take over the galaxy! Sounds great, huh?!

And I’m sure he’s right. He has a pretty comprehensive list of areas I could improve. And several of them are areas I am looking to improve. I’m One that struck me was “writing.” It seems funny. I’m the only person I know (you know, like in real life) who avoids writing and feels guilty about it.

Not everyone writes. I’m going to go out on a limb and say most people don’t write. But do you know it takes as much thought and energy for me to not write as it does for me to write? Astonishing, I know. So why don’t I just do the writing and obliterate the guilt?

I’m uncomfortable writing. I stress about wording and whether I’m getting my point properly explained. I also feel self-conscious. Who am I to be bossing the world.? I’m not perfect, and I don’t have all the answers.

Okay maybe Mr. Zen Habits does have more answers than I do. Or maybe not. Maybe he just gets his good advice typed out more often than I do. And I’m going to venture a guess that this is because he has made himself follow his own good advice. At this I have not excelled. I know, but I don’t do. Wow, how dumb is that!

As a thank you for good advice received today: I wrote. I face my discomfort. We all can reap the benefits together. He writes; I write; you do the next thing. What have you been avoiding all day/month/lifetime?

Compulsory picture follows:
No I don’t always put one in, but I always feel the urge.

I let my kids paint. Definite discomfort time for me. They, however, loved it.

I let my kids paint. Definite discomfort time for me. They, however, loved it.


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