How Do I Love Thee, Springtime? Let Me List Some Ways . . .

kiss a treeRead my tribute to Spring in your lyrical falsetto voice. You know, the high-pitched one you use when you’re trying to sound hoity-toity like Shakespeare.

I love spring.

It is so full of hope and promise.

Spring is beauty and potential.

The days are getting longer, seriously the sun sets at four o’clock here in winter. And the sun is up when I awaken, so it seems like daytime.

I am giddy with anticipation as I look for the first flowers. I imagine the purple crocus, but most people around here have tulips which is okay. Any patches of color are a feast to the eyes.

I feel the sun’s warmth while I’m outside. In winter the best I hope for is a bit of greenhouse effect warming my car, and forget about it warming my van, because the windows are almost straight up and down and not much sun ever gets in there.

In the summer the sunshine makes me think of sweat and wrinkles. But the spring sun never makes me stinky and prune-y or freckled. It nourishes, offers my skin a sip of healthy glow.

There aren’t any mosquitoes yet, or all those other bugs. And it’s too early to plant, so I dream up fantasy gardens, but I don’t actually have to work in them. Or try to get my kids to eat the vegetables.

The blue of the sky deepens as spring brings out the robust in everything.

It makes me feel like holding my arms out and tossing back my head. I want to smile and wear a headband so I can see everything around me all the time.

Oh, spring
the joy you bring
a song to sing and take wing.
It’s a beautiful thing.

Spring when you’re here
I have no fear
for my future or past.
You make it seem like happiness will last.

I wish, oh spring, that you could see
everyone as happy as could be.
And maybe we can share and share
till happiness is everywhere.

Okay, now turn off the falsetto and take in a deep, rejuvenating breath of sunlight.

How do you feel about spring?


One thought on “How Do I Love Thee, Springtime? Let Me List Some Ways . . .

  1. i feel conflicted because I know the long quiet nights by the fire are ending and all that yard and garden work is beginning. But I saw a robin on my front patio yesterday and ran in the “almost” warm sunshine this morning and I felt happy. You make me love it even more. And …I have crocus -soon we’ll see them!!!!

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