“Mom & Me & Mom” Book review

I love me a good biography! I read quite a few books, but I like a certain type: nice stories with preferably happy endings. While I like fiction, I love biographies. There’s nothing better than a great story—that actually happened. Having a story be true makes all of its parts “ever-so-much-more-so”!

When I saw an autobiography by Maya Angelou on the “new books” table at the library, I had to read it immediately. I’d read two maybe fifteen years ago and they were captivating. I’ve also been on a bit of a biography kick, because I’ve found people doubting me when I share how much I enjoy them. But really, how can we rate fake over actually happened? I will not do it.

Maya Angelou did not disappoint. I read the book in two days and have been pondering and comparing Maya and Vivian’s relationship to me and my mom and me and my daughters.  I know the most important mothering legacy I want to leave is for each of my children to know I love them and that God loves them. Beyond that I start getting bogged down in details.  The best things Vivian Baxter did for her daughter was to live her life true to her own self worry over how actions would be perceived in the future or what effects might come of this or that action, but instead and to speak and act the love she had for her daughter.

Book rating: OK. I liked it, but there is a lot of violence and sex (nothing graphic) so I can’t recommend it without hesitation.


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