5 Things That Are Different Since I Have Kids

  1. I no longer unhook my bra as I come through the door and leave it draped over the back of a chair or hanging from the bathroom doorknob.
  2.  I used to pride myself on never ever getting up during the night. I went to bed, and stayed there. Now I’ve have roughly 12 uninterrupted nights’ sleep in the last ten years. That’s 3650 nights, divided by 12 that’s 3, and 12 into 50 is 4, carry the 2. No, no. That’s backward. Use the calculator: .33% sleep. No wonder I have to use the calculator.
  3.  I no longer hear scary prowler sounds at night, but instead think “which one’s that getting into the fridge?”
  4.  Everything is a big deal. A trip to the bathroom takes planning: “Is it naptime?”, “Who will cry if I don’t take them in with me?”, “Remember to check the bowl for mega blocks.” And would be small decisions take on life-altering repercussions. The baby sees me stepping out of the house-eek! Do I smile to reassure him, or will that make him think I’m giddy to be leaving? Should I go back and comfort him or should I run for it? How long do I have before he’s old enough to remember this in therapy?
  5. In my 20’s I’d go days and weeks without someone telling me they loved me. Now just today I’ve have at least 4 “I love you’s” and a “you’re the best mom I ever had.” Ahh, shucks!

4 thoughts on “5 Things That Are Different Since I Have Kids

  1. I have to admit, I still take my bra off and throw it anywhere in the house. But then again, the kids are young. Some day, I am sure my son will think it is very uncool for his friends to see my bra laying around.

    • I had this conversation with my sister-in-law. I told her she’d know when the time was right. My then fifteen-year-old son finally asked me to always be sure to close the bathroom door. So I did, till he moved out. He’s been gone a year and the habit comes and goes now.

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