Tried and True Home Remedies I’ve Used

Try using vapor rub on kids with the croup. I like it on their chest and up the neck. My kids get croup a lot.

If your child has eczema, persevere through the whole “it might be your laundry soap” thing and have your doctor keep giving you different prescription until one works. Something will work.

A water pick works great to flush ears, yes the ones that you use to pressure wash between your teeth. Turn it all the way down to low and spray it in your ear (or whoever) till some wax bits come out.

Teething gel will work on an earache in a pinch.

Baby oil or olive oil work well on cradle cap. Rub it in and comb the crud off. Don’t worry about washing it out; just smooth it off with a washcloth and let the rest soak in.

Clear nail polish on ringworm. Paint it on an ring worm is gone, in a day or two which is pretty good.

Duct tape on a wart. Three days and that sucker is gone. Learned this before I had kids.


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