Avacado Bread = YUM!

Some of you know that I’m an ardent admirer of Bountiful Baskets Food Co-Op. I’ve been volunteering as a site coordinator for nearly three years. In that time I’ve learned to use a lot of produce that I had never encountered before such as green chiles and persimmons.

Avacado had only been  used for guacamole up till now. But we don’t eat much guac at a sitting and I don’t like trying to store it. So I surfed up a recipe for avocado bread. Come on, of course it exists, this is the internet we’re talking about.

My kids have yet to turn up their noses at a bread or even better a muffin recipe I’ve used to get rid of some produce. I realize it isn’t the healthiest way to serve them. But hey it’s good enough.

Here is the link: http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/Avocado-Quick-Bread/

I put the avocado in my food processor and beat it a bit, then pureed all the wet ingredients in there. I wanted it smooth. And it was smooth. Mmm, like Santana.


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