Top Reasons I Don’t Blog at Night

I’ve been blogging every day for a few days now and I usually do it after the kids go to bed. There are some very important reasons that this is a bad plan.

  1. I’m sleeping. This is only true most, not all, of the time. But when it is true, it 100% prevents me from blogging. Thank goodness, because if I telepathically blogged my dreams, you all would be seriously sick of hearing “Why Do Fools Fall in Love?” and seeing me try rhubarb muffin recipes. No joke, that’s what I’ve dreamt all week.
  2. I’ll be cranky in the morning. Oh who am I kidding, I’m cranky in the morning no matter what. Just ask the kids. Just ask my husband who is standing in the hall with a size 8 women’s slipper stuffed in his mouth staring at me as I walk away mumbling, “stinking yakkity-yak morning people.”
  3. I don’t want to wake up the baby. I sleep with the 2 year old who has a startling sixth sense for when I’m out of bed. It’s uncanny. It must be the tug on those apron strings that wakes him, funny I thought those were to keep HIM in line. There’s also the 5 year old who comes into bed anywhere from midnight to 3am, and strictly maintains a full body press throughout the rest of the night.
  4. I dislike typing with my thumbs. If I’m going to blog from lying in bed, it has to be from ye ole smartphone. Bah. I prefer good old two finger hunt-and-peck. “What about actually typing?” you ask. R-i-i-ight. Like there’s this magical way of moving you fingers and 70 words a minute will appear. Look Buddy, hunt and peck was good enough to get me through a Bachelor’s in English. Besides, I’m 40 years old for Pete’s sake!
  5. My editing skills diminish. Add hazy midnight brain to the above reasons and I’m persuaded to postpone wee hour posts. Hey, at least three people who read this blog actually know me in real life. This isn’t just some Ethernet exercise I’m doing here. I might see these guys in the grocery store, and how would I explain ghastly grammar and pitiful punctuation? I have to be able to hold my head high, and I’m not talking cabbages.

Now here are the reason(s) I do blog in the middle of the night.

  1. I’m inspired with something I just have to say. (Sorry this wasn’t the case tonight.)
  2. I have to write something, anything. Sometimes you aren’t living up to your potential, and you have to take a baby step toward “back on track.”
  3. Umm, there is no three. Either I have to say a specific thing or I have to say anything as long as I say something. It has to be a pretty strong urge to get me to write. Just don’t publish till morning—that’s the rule.

Have a nice day, and thank you for your support.



7 thoughts on “Top Reasons I Don’t Blog at Night

    • I usually press “publish” at the end, otherwise it wouldn’t be the end, huh? I’m a bit of a Kerouac-ian (emphasis on whacky–ha ha ha ha) in that things I write one day don’t suit me the next. I’d edit into perpetuity. You?

      • I only post once or twice a week. I don’t post soon as I’m done writing. I have a posting schedule on my blog I follow. During the week I just write in my head.

  1. I get great ideas for my stories (usually just a few lines of dialogue!) when I’m relaxed and about to fall asleep.
    i find lots of crazy notes typed into the smartphone happens at this time!

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