Shiny, New Cleaning Lists

As the first year anniversary of our move the this apartment nears, I realize I have never updated our “Detailed Cleaning Lists”. Youch. How did I let this happen? I think we were in mourning over our move.

Whatever it was; it is now rectified. I have brand new shiny lists! But let me back up a minute. Perhaps some of you are as yet unfamiliar with the illustrious FlyLady and do not, therefore, know about “Detailed Cleaning Lists”. If you haven’t heard about her and your home, office, car, or finances are less than perfectly clean and organized, do yourself a favor and check out her site.

FlyLady spring cleans “the Yankee way”, meaning a little at a time throughout the year.  “Detailed Cleaning Lists” are just lists for each of the rooms in your house itemizing what would be done if those rooms were to be deep cleaned to, not perfection maybe, but I’ll say, “Mrs. Cleaver approves” status. Which is lovely.

These lists are great for my kids: gives them something to check off, and they know what I mean by “clean that bathroom.” I’ve saved a sample of my before and after laundry room lists. One list is not better than the other. It’s just that the rooms are different.

For example, spider webs were a big deal at our last place, an old house surrounded by huge trees and wilderness. Here there are no trees around the house and likely fewer ways for them to get in and hide if they were about, so I took sweeping cobwebs off the top of every single list.Detailed Cleaning Lists

What’s YOUR secret to a clean house?



2 thoughts on “Shiny, New Cleaning Lists

  1. I was a Flylady devotee a few years ago, fell off the bandwagon, and over the winter the house really went to pot. Just started back with my routines and my cleaning, and I’m making steady progress. Good for you for updating your cleaning lists!

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