Latest Update–What have I been doing?

What have I been . . .


I finished book three in the Beyonders trilogy. Very good. DD 15, Hubs and I enjoy read quite a bit of YA lit. One stand out line was “sacrifice is giving up something good to get something better.” I enjoyed the excitement of the story, but it is the struggle to be selfless and to cling to faith through trials that will bring me back to this book.


Removing clutter. I have gotten rid of a few things, but there still seems to be too much. I am overwhelmed.


Our living room has made some strides toward becoming nice. I donated an exercise bike, moved furniture, and made a plan to make the sewing machine accessible. There’s more work, but its getting close.


Fall high school courses for DD15. I’m also planning to let her drive more. I have to put her need to learn about my own comfort (and safety–ahem).


Lots of weekly outings to our local Drive-In! Yes, you heard me right; we have one of those!

Not planning to fix?

Typing. I can’t blog in the dark, ‘cause I gotta look at my fingers!

Promising myself I’ll do?

Clear off my desk, blow up my Mother’s Day hippity-hop, write in my kids’ journals. Seriously, why do I put that off?

And what do I wanna do?

I want to start tomorrow like it’s a whole new world! Like Miss Hickory, I want to graft myself into a whole new life of vitality and usefulness. (Just finished reading that book with the littles tonight, too.)

So, in case I don’t see you, . . .good afternoon, good morning, and good night!


What do you say?

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