Hallelujah for Endings

We agree on the best way to spend a snow day.

We agree on the best way to spend a snow day.

Today was the last day of school for DS9. It was also his last day of weekly Cub Scouts and twice weekly Taekwondo lessons.

Let me tell you I am ready for a break! The only person more ready than I am is DS9. And he is not really the reflective grateful type (yet). So I’ll think about my gratitude more often than he does.

Now I’ve given this some thought. “How can I be so happy for these endings?” Well first, I could so use a break from reminding, re-reminding, checking up, and physically prompting him every day. Or as he sees it interrupting, annoying, prying and spying. Okay, I’ll still have to do this, mainly for dog duty and dishes. But we won’t be on a schedule.

And second, these endings are temporary. He isn’t graduating or getting married or anything permanent and life changing. We still have time together. I can take a deep, oh so deep, breath and relax and just enjoy my son.

I love him. I like him, too. I want to revel in that. Now if I can relax my uptight personality and embrace the joy-that-is-ever-present-when-you-care-to-look. Does that sound like a summer vacation plan?

I think I’ll have to make three summer lists:

Work To Do’s—yeah there are things that need doing.

Fun To Do’s—because if you don’t schedule them in these fleeting summer days will
pass us by and in December the kids will ask me yet again why we didn’t make
ice cream.


Love To Do’s—this will be my stop-and-smell-the-baby’s-hair-and-don’t-you-dare-

Thanks, guys. I get my best ideas when I’m thinking through, because it’s for you.


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