Large Family Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

We all love chocolate chip cookies, but a double batch is too much. Not that we couldn’t put some in the freezer, but that we can’t seem to leave off them till they’re gone. So I decided 50% larger than a typical batch should suit us well. Also my girls prefer the variations written out. I keep them in my head, but they need that space for actors’ bios and Disney lyrics.

My cookie helpers are the greatest!

My cookie helpers are the greatest!

DS21 thinks I suffer from a rare form of ADD that (I’d say enables) me to remember what kind of toothpaste and deodorant each of them prefers, the sizes of their shoes and underwear, you know-“the basics”. He obviously isn’t a parent yet. At any rate, I have a standard chocolate chip recipe in my head, and I modify it to suit most cookie occasions instead of looking up something new. It makes very tasty peanut butter and/or chocolate chocolate chip cookies. (Another variation-leave out the chips. A travesty, I know, but we run out of chips a lot around here, because the *ahem* woman in charge of shopping never buys more than two bags a month and that only when she’s feeling splurgey.)

Larger Batch Chocolate Chip Cookies

Cream together 3 cubes soft butter (or 2 cubes butter and 1 cup peanut butter)
3 eggs
3 cups white sugar
½ Tbl vanilla
1 tsp molasses is optional.

Mix together 3 ½ cups flour (or 3 cups flour and 1.2 cup cocoa)
½ Tbl each salt and baking soda

Stir wet and dry ingredients together with a bag of chocolate chips (12oz size or 1 ½ cups if you’re blessed to buy them in bulk.

This recipe has fewer chips than the recipe on the bag. But we usually make a double batch with on e bag of chips-I’m frugal like that. I guess the chocolate chip makers and I have differing motives, hmm? Oh and the baking instructions! I can hear my girls asking already. As, almost, always 350 degrees till done which is approximately 11 minutes for a tablespoon-sized cookie. Enjoy!


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