Two Great Baby Tips

I had a great idea for a blog: write about three of my best baby tips. But there was a problem, I could only think of two tips. So here you go. Two never-fail, good-advice-in-any-situation tips! Seriously, everybody in the universe who takes care of a baby should use this advice!


1. I remember my mom pinching my tummy in the zipper of my footie pajamas. In high school a friend caught my lip in my zipper as they zipped up my coat collar. Here is a way to never zip your baby’s skin in their footie pajamas.

Pinch the zipper handle between your thumb and index finger. Bend your middle finger around the top of the zipper head (the part that slides), planting your finger pad firmly on the base (the part that fests against your baby’s skin). As you slide the zipper up or down, your middle finger protects baby’s skin from getting zipped.

I used to only follow this trick while zipping up and I thought my kids would grow o a ripe old age without me ever having zipped them. But just this morning my wiggly toddler got pinched as I was unzipping him. So from now on I’ll be holding the middle finger guide in place both up and down.

2. I was having trouble finding the diaper rash ointment, we call it booty medicine, in my diaper bag and also in the basket where I keep diaper supplies. I didn’t want to root for it, so I’d start without it then when it turned out I did need it, ugh, it was somewhere at the bottom . Yada, yada, yada. So I thought to myself, “Why can’t I just keep the wipes and the booty medicine together?” AHA! I taped the ointment tube to the side of the pack of wipes! It has been working great. Be sure to tape it so the ointment lids opens away from the wipes (mine is a flip lid). My wipes go faster. So when they are gone, pull of the tape and tape the tube to the new package.
There you go. Enjoy a slobbery baby kiss! Live is good.


Celebrate a Little Victory

My kids’ piano teacher just told me this at our impromptu parent teacher conference. “Any time he makes the slightest improvement, I praise him to the skies.” With a more negative attitude I could have taken this as bleak news. But isn’t that exactly would I’m doing when I tell the baby how smart she is for biting her own toes?

Lately I’ve been joking that DD5mos sees every second she is awake as a small victory, except that I’m not really joking. Babies who stop napping at five months are no picnic.

However, when I take a minute to apply this idea to myself, as we should do with all wise words, I realize how ecstatic I would be every minute of the day if I got into a better habit of celebrating the little victories. Imagine this: “Yay! I finished a load of laundry!” as opposed to “Drat! I am nowhere near finishing the laundry today!”

Would that make a fantastic change in my attitude or what! I’m excited to try it this evening. I’m going to make a big deal about how beautiful my kids’ teeth are and how great their breath smells instead of complaining about the toothpaste in the sink.