Celebrate a Little Victory

My kids’ piano teacher just told me this at our impromptu parent teacher conference. “Any time he makes the slightest improvement, I praise him to the skies.” With a more negative attitude I could have taken this as bleak news. But isn’t that exactly would I’m doing when I tell the baby how smart she is for biting her own toes?

Lately I’ve been joking that DD5mos sees every second she is awake as a small victory, except that I’m not really joking. Babies who stop napping at five months are no picnic.

However, when I take a minute to apply this idea to myself, as we should do with all wise words, I realize how ecstatic I would be every minute of the day if I got into a better habit of celebrating the little victories. Imagine this: “Yay! I finished a load of laundry!” as opposed to “Drat! I am nowhere near finishing the laundry today!”

Would that make a fantastic change in my attitude or what! I’m excited to try it this evening. I’m going to make a big deal about how beautiful my kids’ teeth are and how great their breath smells instead of complaining about the toothpaste in the sink.


What do you say?

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